Writing – Working in Your Genius Zone

Writing is one of the areas where I love to hyper focus. I am time blind, creative and enjoy my own company while writing. Procrastination often stops me from starting but once I have begun, I find it difficult to stop.

As bell hooks says, ‘I am immersed so deeply in the act of thinking and writing that everything else, even flesh, falls away’.

As an ADHDer I make accommodations in my own life. I have a sit stand desk which I can adjust the height of with the press of a button. It helps me to fidget less while I write, and it also is great for posture – no longer hunched over. When I need to move, I put some music on and dance! I also have a wobble stool which I use to lean on while standing.

I won a place on the HarperCollins Author Academy last year and am finishing up my book. Accountability is key for me, so I am a regular attendee online for sessions run by the London Writers Salon. This helps me keep a routine and be consistent.

As Tracey Otsuka of the Smart Ass Women ADHD podcast advocates that there is always a workaround to help you be more productive and ultimately this makes us happier.

Share your strategies and workarounds that make you more productive?