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My job is to champion leaders in developing innovative solutions for their specific goals through open conversations which understand people and to share the most effective tools to drive transformation with optimism.

High sickness rates are expensive for organisations. Staff well-being is a priority as increasing numbers return to the office. If your organisation has a high staff turnover it can be a signal that people do not feel valued. Keeping employees happy leads to increasing productivity and profits. Transparency around company hiring and retention records means a call to action for greater inclusivity. Companies recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce but Neurodiversity lags behind as a hidden condition that often adults are unaware of - increasing numbers of adults are being diagnosed. Supporting the best diverse talent means greater benefits for all employees and might mean; flexible working with staff working from home or flexible hours. It could improve productivity for staff who are able to use a quiet space for focussed work. These accommodations are a legal requirement of employers and often employees need a unique approach as not all people experience their Neurodiversity in the same way.

Inclusive environments increase well-being, tap into talent, increase productivity, create more diverse ideas, attract clients and increase staff retention. Inclusive settings impact on profits, productivity and reputation and aligns with current client and consumer desires. What’s not to love about it? Achieving it is hard. Making it sustainable can be even harder. That’s why we offer training and consulting to help you make your inclusivity goals sustainable. By raising awareness and having those difficult conversations around Neurodiversity organisations can better support employees and ensure they are as productive as possible.

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CLICK is a way to implement change

I understand how it feels to be marginalised in the workplace, but we also understand how it feels to be held accountable for things outside of your control. We also know that nobody should experience discrimination based on their race, gender or disability. Like you we are frustrated by the slow pace of change, lack of awareness, or unwillingness to make inclusion sustainable and the feeling that things do not just CLICK.


Change is inevitable but, everyone is stressed and another meeting about diversity or even just the word makes people uncomfortable. How to adopt new practices in recruitment or in retention of diverse talent is inevitable – there are just too many great people. Those companies who do hire say the unique life experiences, interests and talents of their teams increase both profits, brand identity and output.


The ever changing landscape of Diversity creates a fear of saying the wrong thing – we will get clarity on terminology, examine how unconscious bias impacts performance and discover how to engage with diversity by being an ally. Exploring Neurodiversity in all its forms also means engaging with staff with a hidden disability and making accommodations for them to perform in their roles. Harnessing this unique brain chemistry means creativity, innovation and focus becomes the cornerstone of your business; could you use more of that.


Shifting mindsets towards new solutions and ideas is slow and people are fearful of change. When people are invested in growth, change becomes inevitable and feels effortless. We achieve that buy in together. Reframing how we engage with people is fundamental to sustainable growth and processes of transformation.


Having hard conversations can lead to frustration and division and who wants to steer a staff meeting when there is already so much at stake. Airing views or offending others impacts on productivity and does not get the best out of us so we work to maintain open safe dialogue and listen and challenge appropriately and in ways that create open conversation.


Knowing what to do but not sure how to achieve it, you may have read the books and followed the protests. It’s a bit like climate change; taking action as an individual feels futile but the power of many can really make a lasting impact. Putting theory into practice and engaging with the data and the experiences puts flesh on the bones of abstract concepts like inclusion or diversity. Knowledge is useless without application. We make the books and theories work for our people and organisations.

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Dr. Fiona Peters is a UK based leading expert in neurodiversity in the workplace and in personal life, as well as an authority on the impact of the mixed-race classification in organisations and families.

I am creating transformations towards inclusive work environments, tapping into the talent of diverse* communities, and helping leaders increase productivity and profits while raising the reputation of their brands. By creating safe spaces for conversations about diversity and inclusion to guide leaders through transformation and towards sustainable change. Inclusion is at the heart of organisational and societal agendas inspiring possibility and finding new solutions and crafting a clear vision with your brand values at the heart of our work together. I am a Sociologist with a passion for equity and believe diversity is a valuable resource and want to help your organisation harness the talents of your Neuro-diverse workforce.

*Diversity within people of colour, womxn, LGBTQ+ people with disabilities and Neuro-diverse conditions.

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We offer a range of services to help your organisation work most effectively towards an inclusive workplace. Evaluations, mentoring and coaching, new policy and process, raising awareness through workshops or talks, accommodations for Neurodiverse staff, hiring and retention. We can make the process simple. We like to collaborate on a bespoke programme so please get in touch to discuss your needs.


I am a lecturer, trainer, interviewer and can create and deliver inspiring content to a range of clients.


Consulting my Sociological training and research skills offer organisations cutting edge experience and an opportunity to lead the field in relation to your Diversity agenda.


I am a skilled qualitative researcher and Sociologist with a background in Broadcast Journalism.


I am able to write compelling content and can write for diverse audiences as well as distill complex information into accessible everyday language.

Free 30-minute consultation?

Would you like a FREE 30-minute online consultation with me to discuss how I can help and support your organisation? If so, click below, and choose your appointment now.


Here are a few of the testimonials I have received from my clients.

Fiona’s talk was extremely useful for both new and old parents in the school. The information was communicated in a detailed and sensitive manner and the inter-active nature of the presentation was both engaging and adaptable to the queries of the parent body. No question went unanswered and parents felt reassured and supported by professional

Lizzie Beasley
Head of Pastoral Care at St Pauls School for Girls

“The presentation was engaging from the start, with the true story that she told and the key themes that ran throughout were

Mr Osei-Tutu
Head of Media Studies, Colfes School

“Excellent presentation, so important to start the year in the right way sharing the knowledge and experience on Racial

Ella Johnson
Drama Teacher, Colfes School

“Fiona’s episode is incredible, I just listened to it yesterday and I felt so called out by so many of her perfectionism quotes but in a good/necessary way! She did a great job!” Listen to the

Podcast Producer on Tracy Otsuka’s ADHD for Smart A**e Women

“Thank you to Fiona for joining me on my podcast How Not to Run a Business. Fiona has such a refreshing approach. She’s open, honest, knowledgeable, and fun. Everything you could ask from a guest and more.” Listen to the

Jeremy Jacobs
Podcast host of How Not To Run A Business
“I have had Dr. Peters on my podcast Overcoming Distractions a couple times and her depth of knowledge in the world of adult ADHD as well as her very clear advice has been a true asset to my show. She has a laid out the adult ADHD experience in both home life and in the

David Greenwood
Author, podcast host of Overcoming Distractions-Thriving with Adult ADHD

“Fiona presented at the FSB London & Thames Valley Minority Ethnics Virtual Networking event and opened our eyes to the challenges faced by business owners with ADHD, and how we can also support them with a little understanding of how it impacts their day to day

Federation of Small Business

“A massive thank you to Dr. Fiona Peters for her eye-opening presentation on the challenges faced by #ADHD business owners and her simple tips to try and make tasks

Federation of Small Business
“Fiona was the main speaker at our staff training session this year. She spoke with confidence and conviction, engaging an audience of more than 200 teachers and support staff with clarity and authority. Her presentation was by some margin the most impressive that I have heard on the subject of race and anti-racism and I

Richard Russell
Colfes School in London
Yesterday was AMAZING! Thoroughly enjoyed being part of the workshop Fiona is a BOSS- I stood there in the hall in awe, total woman crush. The way Fiona commanded the space was phenomenal, the fine balance between, praise, laughter and seriousness was just so on point. The personal touches of giving a little bit of

Ms. Sutherland
Colfes’ School - Assistant Head of Year 7       
“Dr Fiona Peters is a brilliant, engaging and eloquent speaker, who is able to bring complex societal issues into accessible and relatable stories. She features in our documentary ‘Like a girl’ where she provided insightful and well-informed contributions on the intersectionality of race and gender in sports today. Passionate and inspirational, Dr Fiona Peters is

Ruth Allier-Dugdale - Artistic Director
The Yellow Box Theatre
Fiona began her career with the BBC as a television researcher in News and Current Affairs and Specialist Factual, leaving to pursue a PhD in Sociology at Goldsmiths. She is beginning a new and exciting chapter as a non-fiction writer, winning a coveted place on the Harper Collins Author Academy in 2020-21. She is on

The Necessary Rebels Podcast invited Dr. Fiona Peters, who illustrated a very niche area to the audience in a relatable way. Her interview spanned several socially, culturally, and ethnically sensitive subjects which she translated with care, thoughtfulness, and balanced viewpoints. Dr. Fiona Peters presented complex issues with skill, often drawing on professional and personal experience

The Necessary Rebels Podcast