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Autism and Relationships

While doing some recent training with a group of employees with a colleague with Autism we did an exercise on values. Their top values were Empathy and Kindness. Values not shared by any other team members. There were some serious social communication challenges in this team. Ensuring we understand values...

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Problem Solving Brains

Often creativity and problem solving are seen as different but I see them as part of the same skill set. Good problem solvers use creative solutions. Working with people requires creativity There are many trainers in the EDI space with varying experience who work across the entire spectrum – no...

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Impulsivity versus Impatience

Having ADHD is like being a horse that constantly wants to bolt but is trapped by the stable door. This work means that I have to be patient. Or go smashing through the door. As I mature and gain more life experience I am all about the long game and...

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Diversity Includes Freedom of Speech

The Irony of the new awareness of Diveristy is that as we promote the Diversity of identities we are eroding the diversity of opinions and freedoms of speech. In my experience, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion awareness and practice is made more difficult due to our ‘climate of correctness’. The diversity...

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Awareness of when a team needs training is not an exact science

I did some training with staff who work for the charity Practical Action, to raise greater awareness around some challenges being experienced working in a Neurodiverse team. Most teams experiencing challenges often want to know more about how to create better relationships with their Neurodivergent colleagues. There is a willingness...

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