Writer & Author

Writer & Author

I am a published author and my academic book Fostering Mixed Race Children published by Palgrave McMillen, was shortlisted for the BSA Philip Abrahams memorial prize for being the best first and sole-authored book within the discipline of sociology.

I am currently writing my second non-fiction book after being selected for the inaugural HarperCollins Author Academy. I write regularly for media and news and have pieces that span social commentary, essays, articles, blog posts on Neurodiversity, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

I can distill complex information and topics or research into everyday English and have experience of writing new guidelines or mission statements for companies looking to embed new guidelines, policy or mission statements for companies looking to embed transformation.

My research and writing has contributed to government policy.

Dr Fiona Peters the author

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Fostering Mixed Race Children

The ‘mixed race’ classification is known to be a factor of disadvantage in children’s social care and this fastest growing population is more likely than any other ethnic group to experience care admission. How does knowledge of ‘mixedness’ underpin policy and practice? How, when and why is the classification ‘mixed’ a disadvantage? Through narrative interviews with children currently in foster care, Fostering Mixed Race Children examines the impact of care processes on children’s everyday experiences. Peters shows how the ‘mixed race’ classification affects care admission, including both short and long term fostering and care leaving, and shapes the experiences of children in often adverse ways. The book moves away from the psychologising of ‘mixedness’ towards a much-needed sociological analysis of ‘mixedness’ and ‘mixing’ at the intersection of foster care processes.

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