Research & Evaluation Methods

I completed my Masters in Social Research and have skills in both qualitative and quantitative data methodologies. I can use data to create evidence based research towards making changes to policy and practice and have contributed to Government policy as well as embedding changes in local authority departments.

If you need a full evaluation of policy in your organisation it is possible to do a thorough review of processes and practices and develop new systems to accommodate greater transparency.

Using a range of methods from focus groups to data analysis as well as comparative analysis with similar organisational structures.

We can create the most effective hiring practice. Ensure your staff are continually developing and also ensure that being inclusive becomes the bedrock of your workplace culture.

My research skills are underpinned by working in television documentaries and news and current affairs. If you want us to manage those difficult conversations in your organisation with tact and diplomacy please get in touch to discuss how we may help.

Dr Fiona Peters the Researcher


There are many ways to work with me and a call will help you connect to where you will create the greatest impact. I am a skilled interviewer and even if you are not sure where to start I will help highlight areas that might be creating issues with productivity or profit. This information gathering informs the next stage of the process.


Once we have identified the areas that present the greatest challenges I will look closely at the data and find patterns. I will also speak to your people and create safe and productive spaces for difficult conversations to understand how Diversity is understood in your workplace. Using qualitative analysis to distill this information allows for an holistic approach and also offers value for staff opinions to inform actions.


Basing our action points on the data analysis we will collaborate to create action points and objectives to implement and measure over time. I will create a programme of opportunities to lead on training and use the data for open up dialogue in staff training; leading those tricky chats in a series of workshops. My methodology is simple and effective and we will make Inclusion CLICK

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