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I speak to large audiences and deliver keynotes and speeches for a variety of organisations and am the choice to present awards that recognise outstanding achievement. The strangest venue I have spoken in was the Cutty Sark presenting awards at their annual Care Leavers Achievement Celebration alongside the leader of Greenwich and the Mayor of Greenwich. I am a Sociology lecturer for undergrads and postgrads and contribute to panel discussions, chair panels debates and Q&As with notable guests working in academia, publishing and media. I have experience of media interviews and podcasts guest appearances. I offer an expert voice in Neurodiversity, Race Equality topics and have broadcast experience, academic intellect, communication skills and charisma to set the right tone for your event.

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Unleashing Hidden Talent

How Neuro-diverse people can bring value to your organisation.

NOT All Great Minds Think Alike

Find out what you can do to create a more inclusive workplace.

The Diagnosis That Changed My Life

ADHD in late adulthood Neurodiversity: Watch the Talent.

Spot The Signs

How Neuro-diversity shows up at home and at work.

Women, Girls and Football

Developing life skills through competitive sport.

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My Testimonials


The Necessary Rebels Podcast invited Dr. Fiona Peters, who illustrated a very niche area to the audience in a relatable way. Her interview spanned several socially, culturally, and ethnically sensitive subjects which she translated with care, thoughtfulness, and balanced viewpoints.

Dr. Fiona Peters presented complex issues with skill, often drawing on professional and personal experience to convey topics in everyday terms. Her interview style was conversational and commands an audience by offering brave insights and contrasting views, unafraid to challenge the status quo or speak her truth!

The Necessary Rebels Podcast

Fiona began her career with the BBC as a television researcher in News and Current Affairs and Specialist Factual, leaving to pursue a PhD in Sociology at Goldsmiths. She is beginning a new and exciting chapter as a non-fiction writer, winning a coveted place on the Harper Collins Author Academy in 2020-21. She is on a mission to share unheard experiences, stories and ideas to open up new perspectives on how we see the world and ourselves; to inspire action and create social change.

“Dr Fiona Peters is a brilliant, engaging and eloquent speaker, who is able to bring complex societal issues into accessible and relatable stories. She features in our documentary ‘Like a girl’ where she provided insightful and well-informed contributions on the intersectionality of race and gender in sports today. Passionate and inspirational, Dr Fiona Peters is able to challenge her audience while creating empathy and connection with the realities of people present behind the social or societal discussion, for us all to look at change with a greater understanding and a little bit more courage.”

Ruth Allier-Dugdale - Artistic Director
The Yellow Box Theatre

Yesterday was AMAZING! Thoroughly enjoyed being part of the workshop
Fiona is a BOSS- I stood there in the hall in awe, total woman crush.
The way Fiona commanded the space was phenomenal, the fine balance between, praise, laughter and seriousness was just so on point. The personal touches of giving a little bit of you allowed the workshop to be accessible to everyone on so many different levels.
I especially loved the moment when Fiona empowered the YR10 girls by reminding them that they are role models to the YR9s and just giving them those words of encouragement lit up their faces paired with some embarrassing smiles but also recognising their importance.
I look forward to Fiona’s return, I so hope it is when we have a live assembly, and it is shared with some of the younger year groups too. Having a woman on stage and a black woman on stage is something our kids have needed and yearn for. I wish I was as fortunate to have a workshop like this when I was a school kid, you would be surprised how lasting these experiences are for us.

Thanks so much                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Ms. Sutherland
Colfes’ School - Assistant Head of Year 7