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Welcome to ADHD Entrepreneurs Life

I am so excited you are joining this exclusive community of entrepreneurial ADHDers. Here you will connect with a dynamic, creative, problem-solving network. The content here is all about making sure your ADHD brain works with you and not against you. 

Take this quiz and join the ride to freedom. 

  1. Are you running your own business or want to start your own business?
  2. Are you driven, ambitious and full of new ideas?
  3. Can you think of three new ways to use a paperclip?
  4. Do you feel like life can be overwhelming and that it’s your fault?
  5. How many projects or business ideas have you started or thought about but not finished?
  6. Do you want to identify and harness your strengths in business and life?
  7. Do you have a method to make good decisions quickly?
  8. Is your business stagnant because you are spending time doing tasks that are not strengths?
  9. Do you struggle to find time for yourself?
  10. Have you been neglecting your hobbies and interests?


If you answered YES to more than five questions come and grow your life and business in our online community. 

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My ADHD - Dr. Fiona Peters

My ADHD underpins everything I do and everything I am, and I can’t imagine living without it – which is great because it’s not curable! When diagnosed I was failing miserably at life, burnt out, overwhelmed and my health and life were suffering. 

I am so passionate about sharing my insights, research and tools for life and business that I am building an exclusive online community for business minded and entrepreneurial ADHDers.  You don’t have to suffer alone. 

With belief you can achieve your goals and dreams in a way that makes you feel healthier and happier. 

By knowing your talents and harnessing your strengths you can always be shining. Delegating the things (you know what they are) – that you don’t, can’t or won’t do and which stall your business and life from working for you.  

I am excited to share with you the best golden nuggets from all of my research and life experience on how you can maximize your efforts in all areas of life and business. I will be sharing everything I have learnt about living harmoniously with ADHD.  

I am a property investor and developer, an academic and Social Researcher with a PhD in Sociology and a published academic book and essays. I am a lecturer, trainer and speaker and do all of this because I have ADHD. 

I enjoy good physical and mental health, a happy family life and good friendships and so can you! 

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Harnessing your ADHD brain so it works for you is a combination of science and a willingness to try new approaches based on your own real-life experiences and research.   

Smashing big goals through small consistent actions, recognizing your unique talents and collaborating with like-minded people your Life and Business will begin to look like the vision you want.   

Zoom sessions every month to meet with me and other members to discuss your wins and challenges and set goals.   

Buddy Sessions when you can jump online each week, for an hour with a task, and get some encouragement to finish or start it. Once a month we mingle after the sessions in a breakout room to chat some more or network.  

WhatsApp group get answers to any questions or share your ideas or ask for accountability of guidance or motivation.   

Onboarding Call – Set your goals and intentions and get help to break them down into manageable tasks to avoid overwhelm.   

You do not need to have a diagnosis to join. You can be thinking about setting up a business or maybe you have a side hustle that you want to prioritize.   

What’s included 

  • Live Q&As 
Click here for a half hour chat to discuss how we can work together.