How many times do you tell yourself you are lazy?

How many times do you tell yourself you are lazy? Do you look at a pile of paper sitting on your desk and get so used to it being there that you have forgotten what it is, that project due in three weeks, or the gas bill, or the appointment you need to make. Perspective can help us to look at why we resist making the necessary effort. 

Laziness is always S.T.R.E.S.S. 

(ADHD and asperges Psychotherapist @Alina Kislenko)

Work through the list below and identify what the blocks are that prevent you from accomplishing your goals?

S: Steps – your next step is wrong, vague or too difficult to take action on

DO – find a more realistic or specific first step

T: Thinking Negative self-talk – I’m so lazy, should have done this by now…

DO – be respectful and kind – reframe your words try “I am working towards preparing to do this task”.

R: Research – More data or information might be needed or you may need support 

E: Emotion/Trauma – is there an event or experience from your earlier life creating an aversion and blocking you. For example; my essay writing was heavily criticized by an undergraduate tutor. It had such a huge impact that I struggled writing throughout my academic career.  

DO – Process the blockage – I wrote a PhD and an academic book. I also imagined this tutor reading my book endorsements.

S: Sensory Issues – some parts of the tasks might over or under stimulate you. 

DO – Maybe to do the task, you need to adapt your environment; use noise cancelling headphones, rock music, be alone in a room or standing up.

S: Self Care – Are you getting enough…food, sleep, exercise, water, fun or Dopamine, Self-care is a top priority and being aware of what that looks like for you is key. 

DO – set your time to get that run, nap, bike ride, catch up with friends, chat with a colleague before starting again. 

If you think you are being lazy, take the S.T.R.E.S.S test and identify and blockages and start your task again. 

ACTION – Share the blocks you have identified if you have been putting things off. 

Tomorrow we look at how to prioritise Self-care and some strategies for making sure you can show up at work effectively.