Tackling those boring and repetitive tasks.

Do you find yourself putting off those boring tasks that need doing? Have you taken up precious mental space carrying jobs on your to do list? Are you concerned that even starting a boring or repetitive task is going to be bad for your wellbeing? 

Try this method shared by The Guelp ADHD and Asperger’s Centre. It is called the 2 Part Break for Productivity

15 MINS OF  FUN                    DANGER ZONE                    5 MINS OF WORK


  1. You can only fail on purpose – forgetting does not count – start work as soon as you remember
  2. Timer – use one and make sure you do five mins of work when timer goes off, even if break is low quality
  3. Danger Zone – consequences – you owe push-ups or money – if you don’t start work after your fun
  4. Try this strategy at least ten times to determine if it works for you
  5. Always begin with FUN 


You can use this strategy when you have lots to do and feel burnt out, procrastination sets in, when you are feeling ‘lazy’ – do the S.T.R.E.S.S. analysis to see if there are any blocks you may become aware of. 


Increased trust in yourself, raises dopamine, greater productivity, less guilt, starting tasks more easily, feeling successful, confidence that you can get stuff done even if it’s past your ‘boredom’ threshold.

AND remember that according to Forbes Riley that to ‘Get Shit Done’ gives you that Dopamine boost because HAPPINESS IS FINISHING. 

ACTION – Share in the comments a task you have put off that you started this week and how you felt.

Tomorrow we tackle Decision Making – How to be an effective decision maker in your life and business.