Speaker Testimonial from Colfes’ School From Ms. Sutherland Assistant Head of Year 7

Yesterday was AMAZING! Thoroughly enjoyed being part of the workshop
Fiona is a BOSS- I stood there in the hall in awe, total woman crush.
The way Fiona commanded the space was phenomenal, the fine balance between, praise, laughter and seriousness was just so on point. The personal touches of giving a little bit of you allowed the workshop to be accessible to everyone on so many different levels.
I especially loved the moment when Fiona empowered the YR10 girls by reminding them that they are role models to the YR9s and just giving them those words of encouragement lit up their faces paired with some embarrassing smiles but also recognising their importance.
I look forward to Fiona’s return, I so hope it is when we have a live assembly, and it is shared with some of the younger year groups too. Having a woman on stage and a black woman on stage is something our kids have needed and yearn for. I wish I was as fortunate to have a workshop like this when I was a school kid, you would be surprised how lasting these experiences are for us.

Thanks so much