The Perspective of Genius – What are your values?

Perspective is my most important value. It is a game changer. Reframing is a popular psychological term used to help people make sense of their lives. It is the perspective that fuels my work with Neurodiversity and supporting organisations to hire and retain incredible talent. Being Neurodiverse made working as an employee so challenging and ultimately led to me leaving careers in both television and academia. However, I do have skills; communication, creativity, focus, energy and enthusiasm, endless great ideas and problem solving. What company can honestly say they do not need these skills in their workforce?

Helping organisations shift their perspective on what Neurodiversity means and raising awareness of its potential matters to me because it may just help one employee decide to ask for support instead of handing in their notice, it might encourage a job applicant to name their condition on their application and ask for accommodations, it might help one manager of HR director happy to know they have hired an employee who brings so much value to their company they could not function without them.