UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 Final

I am re-watching the football match as in my spare time I have been coaching an Under 13s Girls Team and love sport. I know we don’t have enough female football coaches and I became involved because my daughter plays. Women who play or have played competitive sport are more successful in the workplace – says research. Why?

Competitive sport shows commitment – the discipline to go to training underpins work ethic. Feedback from sports coaches makes work appraisals a doddle. Team sport creates colleagues who are happy in their roles and are effective in teams. Sport will show you how powerful your physical body is and improve body image – something most women could use.

Does all of this mean women who play sport are more likely to ask more persistently for a pay rise or promotion – yes, very likely as it compares to being left on the bench and not hassling the coach to get on the pitch. Why turn up if you don’t want to play? If the Euros inspired you whether you have played before, or not, get involved, play, coach or support your daughter not just football but any sport.