Girl Power(houses) with ADHD

Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger is an actress diagnosed with inattentive ADHD since childhood.

Solange Knowles – sister of Beyonce and a musical genius in her own right sought out two diagnoses before accepting the condition.

Simone Biles – Olympian, speaks openly about medication and reduces the stigma surrounding ADHD. She views it as a condition and not a disorder.

Lisa Ling the journalist had a late diagnosis after researching the topic and now knows why she is only able to keep her attention on things she is interested in.

Audra McDonald thanks her parents for not following the doctor’s advice and medicating her as a child as this she feels helped her win the most Tony Awards of all actresses.

Jessica McCabe, whether you have ADHD or not, is a YouTuber who offers insight into the uniqueness of the ADHD brain – funny, generous, and creative.

Mel B my favourite Spice Girl is open about her ADHD and of course, we all could see there was something.

These Power Houses show that ADHD is unique in its talents and challenges and that whether you choose to medicate or not is as individual as the symptoms you are trying to manage.

The key to success is to get to know how ADHD impacts your daily life and get support to work with your strengths. Remember there is life after diagnosis.

Name a woman in your life with ADHD who inspires you or who you appreciate?