Six Simple Steps for Interviewing Autistic candidates

Interviews traditionally rely on communication skills. Autistic candidates may find it hard to market themselves or be enthusiastic.

Key areas of challenge at interview can be:

· Eye contact and body language.
· Conversation – keeping the flow or knowing how to answer an open question.
· Appropriate level of formality and adjusting tone of voice.

What small adjustments can your organisation make in Hiring a person with Autism to level the playing field and find the best candidate to do the job?

Six simple steps to at least offer a fair interview process.

1. Provide clear written interview questions in advance.
2. Information about the location of the interview to include; map, directions, entrance using google street view.
3. Procedure for arriving at the interview and the name of the person greeting them on arrival.
4. Name and photographs of the interview panel and what their role will be during the interview.
5. Clear structure of what will happen during the interview including timings.
6. Provide a calm quiet waiting area.

What is your organisation doing to adapt interviews for Neurodiverse candidates?