Problem Solving Brains

Often creativity and problem solving are seen as different but I see them as part of the same skill set. Good problem solvers use creative solutions. Working with people requires creativity

There are many trainers in the EDI space with varying experience who work across the entire spectrum – no pun intended – from workplace assessments to awareness. While I can and do this training my ADHD brain is wired for problem solving.

My best work happens with groups who are having specific problems and solving them together in the moment in a dynamic way. Grasping the crux of the issue or the person feeling the most impact helps me to see best how to solve it. Having those tricky conversations requires skill as well as an understanding of how to ask the right questions for the greatest impact.

If you think you are not creative in your role, maybe think about how many solutions you propose over the course of a day, week, month or year and measure your creativity in this way instead.