Impulsivity versus Impatience

Having ADHD is like being a horse that constantly wants to bolt but is trapped by the stable door. This work means that I have to be patient. Or go smashing through the door. As I mature and gain more life experience I am all about the long game and realise that patience yields rewards and is much less stressful.

The process of acquiring new training partners can take several months of ‘getting to know each other’. I take my clients’ needs seriously and work with organisations who are really committed to doing more, not just paying lip service to a new buzz word.

Learning to be patient during this phase helps me understand how each tema functions within the whole and this reflects what it’s like to be an employee there. The insight from patience is that by the time I do my first session I have a good grasp of organisational challenges and processes in the company.

Organisations vary so much some are fast to acquire work almost in a reactive way to fix problems after they have happened. The quick fix approach can sometimes be effective but often depper work is required for HR and managers. Others are strategic and want to build a culture and have a number of initiatives running which offer a safety net to employees. Both approaches have merit.

As a trainer I love the ‘fix it’ roles for the challenge but also love the culture shift roles. What is your preference when it comes to training teams in EDI?